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Current transport data form the basis for evaluating sediment and wood continuity, impacts of structures and the effects of measures to reduce the impacts of sediment discontinuity. A standardization of monitoring methods, the development of a harmonized procedure to analyse the variability of sediment transport and improved modelling approaches contribute essentially to the development and test of strategic policies and tools for an integrated management of sediment transport in Alpine basins.



  • Sediment transport monitoring;
  • Standardisation of methods and data collection on sediment transport;
  • Analysis and assessment of the spatial and temporal variability of sediment fluxes at the monitoring sites;
  • Evaluation and improvement of sediment transport equations and of available numerical models;
  • Sediment transport monitoring and evaluation of river restoration projects aimed at enhancing sediment and wood continuity.

Expected outputs

  • Dataset on sediment and wood transport rates and volumes for different regions in the Alps (Study areas: Ain, Danube, Drau, Drôme, Gadria Basin, Gradaščica River Basin, Isar, Isel, Manival, Mur, ORE Draix-Bléone, Réal, Rhône, Rio Cordon, Strimm Basin, Suggadinbach, Urslau...).
  • Protocols on standardized data collection methods in sediment transport monitoring for transboundary exchange.
  • Improved process understanding of spatio-temporal variability in sediment transport.
  • Improved equations and models for predicting sediment and wood transport rates.
  • Evaluated restoration projects with respect to measured sediment fluxes.


University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU) - Institute of Water Management, Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering (IWHW)

Contact: Helmut Habersack